Jeep Commander

Months after its abundantly promoted discharge, the 7 traveler Jeep Commander is a noteworthy dissatisfaction for DaimlerChrysler to the point where it has turned into a gooney bird around the automaker’s neck. Stung with bloated inventories in abundance of 100 days – an industry executioner – the Commander is currently telling rebates of over $5000 per vehicle. What turned out badly? Bounty, particularly in the event that you read what the savants and prognosticators need to say in regards to the new Jeep.

No vehicle presentation ought to be tricky nonetheless, concerning the Jeep Commander this model has missed the mark regarding deals objectives. There are numerous reasons why the Commander might neglect to satisfy desires including:


High Fuel Prices – Gasoline pushing past $2.50 per gallon can’t help any SUV. With the Commander’s three parched motor decisions, the cost at the pump can be excruciating. However, the significantly greater Chevrolet Tahoe is offering admirably in spite of high fuel costs.

Dated Styling – Jeep says the Commander’s “legacy outside outline” as one of the main draws for the vehicle. Take one take a gander at the Commander, and the styling signals of the 1984 Jeep Cherokee rapidly ring a bell. While a few vehicles effectively fuse “the look” of a prior model without duplicating the style, the Commander looks terribly like the prior Cherokee, just extended. Actually, I observe the style to be dated and ungainly.


Cramped Interior – Put the Commander up against the following greatest Jeep, the Gran Cherokee, and you will see that the inside space is just about the same. This is terrible in light of the fact that the Commander comes outfitted with a third column of seats so there ought to be more space. Numerous have grumbled that lone two little youngsters could fit in the last line which, by chance, does not totally overlap into the floor like the “stow ‘n go” highlight on the DCX minivans.

Overrated – Fully stacked Commanders are retailing for well over $40,000. While this value reach can be normal for any semblance of a Yukon, Tahoe, or Expedition, it can’t for the Commander. Obviously, the Commander is greater than the Gran Cherokee which is evaluated just shy of $40,000. In any case, in the event that you put the two models next to each other, numerous would say that the Gran Cherokee is the better of the two.

All in all, will DaimlerChrysler really end the Commander? That isn’t likely. Rather, search for huge discounts to stay set up and creation to be for all time cut back. For the long haul, DCX should give some genuine thought with respect to whether the jeep Commander will remain part of the Jeep line up. As I would see it, on the off chance that it does, it should be truly redesignd to contend in today’s commercial center.


On the whole, the Commander is an excessive slip-up for the automaker. Amid these seasons of solid and forceful rivalry, the Commander is a stumble that can’t be overlooked by DaimlerChrysler. Goodness knows the Commander is being disregarded by Jeep steadfast who are spurning the model through and through.

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