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A Stylish Crossover Vehicle From Kia

Kia is wanting to convey to the American market another kind of vehicle – a seven traveler hybrid – that will contend with any semblance of the Toyota Matrix and the Dodge Caliper. The Kia Carens will be sold in

Buick Lucerne

The revered Buick Park Avenue is no all the more, having been supplanted by the all new Buick Lucerne, a down business sector form of the Cadillac DTS. With a 275-hp Northstar V8 motor, the Lucerne turns into the principal


In 2000, the year that the Ford Focus was presented, Ford Motor Company was trusting that the model would be generally welcomed and surpass the business aggregates of its past little auto, the Escort. Shockingly, the new Focus was tormented

9 Japanese Automakers

Japanese assembled and composed autos have overflowed the North American business sector for more than forty years now. After some time, numerous nameplates have traveled every which way, yet Japanese autos keep on gaining piece of the pie and acknowledgment